Officeon – A Cowerking Space in Delhi

A Coworking Space with an aim to empower a Healthy Work Lifestyle.

Office On is a Community-Driven Shared and Private Office space located in Delhi.

Office on is a Women-Empowered Start-Up in Connaught Place that aims to provide the Most Exquisite, Unbiased Guides for coworking space owners to run a more efficient space. We believe that people are embracing the Coworking Culture in all aspects. In today’s era, Coworking is not restricted to Freelancers, or Small Businesses, but also Big Corporates, or MNC’s and any Team looking for Flexible Workspaces.

The Owner promotes women’s sense of Self-Worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their rights to bring a Social Change in this society. She believes that giving the right direction to women is just like adding wings to them to fly high and achieve their goals. Coworking has proven to offer more business opportunities to collaborate and Work with Like-Minded, Career-Oriented People.

Being in a coworking space is much more productive than your home office or traditional office spaces. This industry is revolutionizing at an exponential rate, we are a group of self-driven individuals who provide an informational hub for modern work culture.

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