kudajadri Drizzle Home stay Kaniyambetta

Kudajadri Drizzle home stay Wayanad is within the ideal distance from Wayanad attractions and at the very economic tariff, Kudajadri Drizzle provides much facilities and activities in Wayanad. Kudajadri Drizzle is actually a 100 year old Jain Tharavadu converted into a practical home stay. Enjoy homely Jain cuisine and hospitality at affordable rates. Situated in a large area of land offering a panoramic view of surroundings. Apart from the immense heritage value and ambiance Kudajadri drizzle also have that personal twist. Kudajadri Drizzle provides larger and wider range of amenities .Their facilities are upgraded to provide spacious layouts, food and beverage outlets to offer convenience and flexibility to our guests.