Grassroots is located in the heart of Wayanad, near the district capital of Kalpetta. It is a rich agricultural belt home to gardens of Coffee,tea,pepper and spices on the hills and the wet lands with paddy. It is a land of great communal harmony and life moves at a very relaxed pace with none of the hustle bustle of the cities. They showcase Wayanad in its true green color. A settlement of indigenous communities or adivasis live next door, beside the flowing river at the edge of the property.

This the closest you can get to living in nature. It is a combination of camping (tent house) with comfort and good food. The tent houses were in the middle of a coffee plantation surrounded by tall trees. Top it off, the river Kabini flows by the place. It was like living in a tropical jungle. All basic amenities were provided – hot water, refrigerator, TV,A/C, etc.