American Global Security Sacramento

Many home security companies now offer plans that protect both your home and your business. In Sacramento, CA, you can hire a security guard services for your home or office through the same company. In the past, you might have needed two companies or two accounts at the same company for your home and office. It had to do with policy more than a need for different alarm systems. Most of the time, security at a business was handled differently than security at a home. Putting the two plans together makes things easier for both the customer and the security company. Security needs at home and at work are the same. The alarm system can be watched over or it can work on its own. You would choose these things for your home or office based on your budget and needs. Home and office systems have different ways of monitoring. Central monitoring is available for both home and office alarm systems, so the alarm company can alert you and the police. There are different kinds of office systems. After hours, many businesses hire security guards or get them from the building management. When a home alarm goes off, the alarm company can work with these security guards, which doesn’t happen very often with home alarms. Alarms in the office aren’t only for break-ins. In case of a fire, the alarm company can call the fire department.