Our School is able to offer Students numerous opportunities to learn beyond the walls of the class room. It designed to foster academic achievement. KTCT Students will strive to possess the confidence, compassion and character to make their future and ours the best it can be.

KTCT School is a prestigious project of Kaduvayil Thangal Charitable Trust of established in 2005 by a set of selfless of dedicated social workers. Among them, our Chairman and Convenor plays an inevitable role, aims at proving the best possible only with the unity of the whole KTCT family, under the leadership of its strong pillars, Mr. M.S. Shefeer our School Chairman of KTCT HSS, Mr. N.Shiju , our School Convenor of KTCT HSS, Our Principal of KTCT HSS, Mr. Sanjeev.S and Pricipal of HS Mr.H.M Siyavuddin